Mora Superplus Services

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Multi-functional Mora and EAP Instrument

Med-Tronik believe that the Mora-Superplus represents the ultimate in acupuncture meridian stress assessment, combined within the one instrument with direct meridian rebalancing / reharmonisation – achieved via unique meridian feedback (Mora Bioresonance) and / or via homeopathic-related influences.

As well, remedies for future use may also be exposed to these influences – the aim of this – continual, individualised meridian rebalancing / reharmonisation long after a consultation has ended.

Tremendous flexibility, capacity and also upgradability are built into the Mora-Superplus – allowing for future developments and a huge selection of very effective, often absolutely unique methods. The practitioner always has a multiplicity of up-to-date, sophisticated, yet easy-to-perform options immediately available and is never forced into one limited approach – as is unfortunately so common.

The Mora-Superplus (which was last upgraded in 2002) has two channels – this means two separate, yet coordinated Mora instruments in one. This twin facility provides great benefits – both in terms of effectiveness and ease-of-use and costs relatively little extra.

The instrument has many fully automatic applications stored within its internal memory – all available at the press of a button.

The Mora- Superplus may be used either on its own, with homeopathics or in combination with unique Med-Tronik software and accessories.