Naturopathic Services

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Barbara offers a wide range of services to the public, in order to uphold our policy of treating the whole body physically, emotionally and mentally.

We first test the patient using Bio-electronic machines mainly the VEGA and MORA. Both are German designed and are world renowned as diagnostic and therapy tools.

The medicines we provide are generally mixed in house to exact specification for individual patients and their needs.
Emotions are so important to our health and in our clinic we appreciate the value of being aware of emotional levels at the same time as treating the physical body.

The emotional technique normally used is Neuro Emotional Techniques, a wonderful way of releasing emotion easily and without drama. This technique was conceived by Dr Scott Walker of America and is now used worldwide. A negative thought can cause a back to spasm and immediately the spine is in pain.

Every organ relates to an emotion and is effected by it e.g. the gall bladder holds our resentment and with the anger from the liver and the resentment of the gall bladder can form gall stones and give severe pain.