The Vega Method Services

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The Vega story began in the 1950’s when Dr Voll, a Doctor of orthodox medicine, studied technique called Electro-Acupuncture (EAV). This technique required an experienced practitioner to make a minimum of 700 electrical readings on Acupuncture points before any conclusion was drawn. It was a very time-consuming process.

Dr Scmidt, then started to improve upon the process and in the 60’s measured only 150 points. This was called Bio-Feedback Diagnosis (BFD).

Dr Schmidt manufactured his equipment under the name VEGA (who manufacture high electronic measuring equipment) and further developed it in the early seventies under the Vega Resonance Test (VRT). With this technique the practitioner only uses one Acupuncture point and introduces different homoeopathic substances (Test Ampoules) into the measurement circuit and reads the value on display. The benefits of this are enormous: less time is used on testing, giving far greater sensitivity and a much simpler operation for both practitioner and patient alike.

Barbara has used this method in her practice for many years. Many patients Australia wide have benefited from this technology.