Barbara Saker - Naturopath Australia

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Natural Medicine.

I'm Barbara Saker and Naturopathy and Natural Medicine is my world
I love it and the relief that it brings to so many people.

In this age where we are always being told of the many Bacterias and Viruses that are becoming drug resistant, we need to look for alternatives that will heal or at least help us until the next miracle drug is found.


Introducing Barbara Saker - Naturopath

Barbara Saker has been in practice for over 20 years. She graduated as a naturopath and worked in her clinic in Burwood Melbourne until 1994, when she decided as a natural born Queenslander to come home to the Gold Coast.

The aim of Naturopath Australia is to find the cause of the mystery illnesses that seem to plague our society today. To be told that you have “Chronic Fatigue” does not tell you why you are tired all the time. To be diagnosed with ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome” does not tell you why your bowel is irritated. These are the challenges that Barbara Saker and Naturopath Australia likes to meet.

We test on the Vega machine for the reasons these illnesses are chronic. Then we develop an individual programme for each patient according to their needs. Step by step we progress towards good health. Our greatest joy is to see our patients start to live and laugh again.



Congratulations, someone is looking after you. They have lead you to a remarkable healer. Finding Barbara is like finding a needle in a haystack. After 20 years of being her patient, I can't honestly recommend her highly enough. Good luck on your health journey. May you be blessed with good health and happiness.
Ben Stewart
Barbara's knowledge as a Naturopath is unsurpassed. She has treated me for a number of conditions during the past 15 years including obscure parasites I picked up in Africa. She is a wellness Guru!
Angela Paterson
Barbara Saker is my absolute life saver. Having been a loyal client for 25yrs she has treated all my family and my horses and when given no option but to put him down Barbara came through literally saving my horses life twice and mine from a deadly virus. I cannot recommend her more highly for doctors have failed where she has not.
Lyn Kajeweski Review